A gift/fanart for studiojfishart because WHY the heck not!!  Feat. his Gator Girl!!!

there’s an enormous spider on the ceiling right over the doorway so I guess i’m never leaving this room, I’ll probably die here

Chisato appreciation doodles!!!  I never liked her much as a kid but now I think she’s my fave…

I decided to take a twitter hiatus this week because I realized I literally couldn’t imagine my day without it & that is kind of lame tbh.  I spend several hours a day on twitter alone, checking it while doing other stuff or just… because I’m “bored”.  I love twitter and I think it’s great but I realized my brain needs a little breather.  Every thought I have gets put onto twitter and sent into the void & not another second is wasted on it.  Twitter is a great enabler for my scattered hyperactive brain to just have a thought, put it out there, then completely forget about it forever.  But I feel like sometimes my thoughts require further development.  Even things that are just dumb jokes.  I feel like if I let myself spend more than a few minutes on a thought I’ll be more willing to develop it & embrace it as something of importance, & most likely I’ll want to develop it into something for people to see.  The difference is, it’ll have to be something I put time into!  Even while drawing this comic it occurred to me that I should start seeing my own art/comics the way I see my own tweets… I need to be willing to just throw some thoughts/ideas into a comic sketch and post it without worrying about it!  Post a lot of them!  Comics come from your brain so use that medium instead of just tweeting and forgetting it!!!  Wow!

Anyway SORRY for the wall of text but even one day without twitter is makin me all introspective and shit lmao HI!!!

i got caught off-guard by a hot photo of tom hiddleston and involuntarily made a horny person noise, this is who i am now mom and dad

Self Portrait, 2014


Ashton Anchors aka myyyyyyyyyyy bf

just thinkin about Glenn a lot lately okay bye!!!



We’ll ride the wind, babe!

Anonymous asked: Hi I think that you are one of the artists that inspires me the most keep on drawing cool things

A-ahhh anon… I feel like I don’t deserve such kind words ;3;  but thank you!!!!!  What the heck!!!  I am very humbled & I hope you keep drawin cool things too!!!!  Heck yeah!!!

Anonymous asked: Chrono Tirgger.

Chrono Tirgger.

best BUDS

only 90s kids remember

stuff.jpg, me as a fruit, and Blueglass fanart