If you see me at Sakura con today SAY HI!!!!! I’m just a nerd!!

Surprise!!! I’m gonna be sellin stuff at table Y-03!  I’ll have stickers & some prints n will be doin sketch commissions n junk.  See you there!!

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one of the bazillion stickers I’ll have available at ECCC this weekend!!

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a couple stickers im gonna have available at ECCC next weekend!

page of doodles from today

Got the urge to start an illustration with both a background and solid/dynamic light source, both of which i am… not confident doing at all haha… this isn’t done yet but I gotta take a break bc it’s my b-day tomorrow and i wanna have fun!!!

For http://sewbro.tumblr.com/ who is great!  These cuties belong to her soooo go check out her tumblr for other gr8 stuff!!


Submissions are open for Xena Zine 2014!!

Read the Submission Guidelines »here!«

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AITE here’s all my hourlies from yesterday!  This is the first year I’ve finished them so i’m happy, even if they’re kind of lazy lmao…